About Us

Our Mission: 

"Nature Bamboo For a Better Planet"


We advocate for a "simple and non-excessive" lifestyle, supplying high-quality, environmentally friendly bamboo products. We take pride in being a wholly minority-owned and operated business.

Social Responsibility:

We produce innovative, 100% eco-friendly paper products, ranging from food industry essentials to household items, all derived from meticulously selected bamboo fiber. Post-disposal, Nature Bamboo's products decompose within 3 to 12 months.

Endorsed by data gathered throughout our manufacturing process, our offerings are fully natural, biodegradable, and devoid of chemicals. We implement temperature regulation in our bamboo pulping process, transitioning from high heat to cooling until the final products are obtained. Unbleached bamboo paper from our production contributes 37% less to carbon footprint compared to traditional bleached white paper.

Most importantly, our products were tested and passed by the U.S. FDA Title 21 Part 176.170 and Part 178.3800 in April 2023.

The entire journey is 100% chemical free, from fiber refinement and product development to advancements in biomass technology, supply of bamboo pulp, and paper production, is meticulously monitored. All leftover raw materials are converted to electricity. Bamboo's fast growth provides a sustainable wood alternative, assisting in forest renewal.

Our wide-ranging products, including single-use culinary items and paper products as well as baby care items, reflect our commitment to sustainability. We donate 1% of net proceeds to panda breeding and environmental education initiatives.